Culture has always been an essential part of the past and present image of Svishtov Municipality. During the Bulgarian Renaissance, with the efforts of distinguished members of the Svishtov community the town came to originate a number of pioneering initiatives for Bulgaria. Among the institutions with significant presence in local cultural life are the first Bulgarian culture house named after Elenka and Kiril D. Avramov, the first Bulgarian choir, "Yanko Mustakov", the City Library, the Nikolay Pavlovich Art Gallery, the Student Culture Center, the historical museums, the culture houses in the villages of the municipality. The local media are represented by two cable operators with own television programs, three radio stations, and four newspapers.

Culture and art are a long-lasting symbol of the primacy of the town of Svishtov during the Bulgarian Renaissance. At the present stage it is important for the Municipality to uphold and further develop the fine traditions by taking measures to:

  • Promote the values of parliamentary democracy and constitutional order, which are historically associated with Svishtov.
  • Enhance the role of the culture house and the other structures within the frames of the municipality, the district and the country.
  • Improve the library stock and the museum collections with a view to their more rational use and conservation.
  • Restore and preserve the buildings of cultural and historical importance.
  • Assign priority to the financing of cultural activities, supporting student and youth initiatives in the sphere of art and culture.
  • Stimulating publishing and educational-and-cultural activity in the municipality. Aware of the grim present, which is the outcome of the intellectual and moral decay of the past decades, the public calls for a new revival of the old Svishtov.

Pictures of Svishtov

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